About us

We want knowledge and culture to be everyday, through interactive experiences.

Our main values

We believe that culture and knowledge should be close to people and be part of their daily lives.

Our central purpose is to create interactive experiences based on cultural multimedia content on the Internet.

That is why we think of enriched content, based on culture, art and technology, but things go further. 


An invitation to learn more about people, works and important moments in history.


Design and technology can play a complementary role in communication, seeking memorable experiences.


Innovative proposals, treated with a unique look at the functional and aesthetic, in exclusive models.


Our series are limited. Each design brings a unique proposal that you will not see frequently.

Do you know how to use QR and Spotify® codes?

QR or “quick response” codes (Quick Response) are a character recognition system, based on a dot matrix capable of storing data or information. These were developed in 1994 by the Japanese company Denso Wave, as an evolution of the barcode and allow access to an application, a website, a menu card or all types of content on the Internet.

The way to use it is integrated into most mobile devices (cell phones), either through the camera or a specialized application for it.

Spotify® codes are used with the camera, built into the search engine within the application.

QR code for our website
Code for our Spotify® playlist

Main benefits

Who we are

The minds that devised and made this brand possible.


Administrator, entrepreneur, persistent, achievement-oriented. The one who dreams and makes things happen.


Communicator, teacher, creative, analytical, technological. The one who imagines, lands and projects ideas.

Shipping to Metropolitan Lima

We ship your order in 24 hours to all districts of Metropolitan Lima.

Protection measures

We protect your health by disinfecting and packaging the products that we are going to send you.

Custom presentation

We make sure that your order is as customized as possible to improve your experience.

Secure payment

Use our online payment platform with complete security and confidence.

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